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"Questo è il mio Figlio, che amo; con lui mi sono compiaciuto." Translation: "This is my son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased." #messiah #amen #pasolini

The Virgin Mary. Il Vangelo Secondo Matteo by Pier Paolo Pasolini #amen #messiah


Through the branches of the Japanese cherry
Blooming like a cloud which will rain
A rain white as the sun
The living room across the roadway
Cuts its square of light
And in it fight
Two figures, hot, irate,
Stuck between sink and sofa in that golden cage.
Come out into the night, walk in the night,
It is for you, not me.
The cherry flowers will rain their rain as white
Cool as the moon.
Listen how they surround.
You swing among them in your cage of light.
Come out into the night.

What's Happening In This Plate Is Totally Unreal 

Got my haircut. Finally.

What's Happening In This Plate Is Totally Unreal 


Grace Park And Katee Sackhoff In Star Wars by Reid Kikuo Johnson

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Thanks, Awesomes!


From the Awesomes team to the Bob’s team! This really warms our hearts! Both these shows are available on #hulu, by the way, and there’s a new episode of The Awesomes today!


"It Happened One Night" (1934)


A second Guardians of the Galaxy/Bob’s Burgers mash-up by storyboard artist Mario D’Anna! (via bentoboxent)


I had so much fun doing that ‘Belchers of the Galaxy’ pic I just had to do another one. This one took some time, after work and weekend, but now………all finished!

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