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Author of BANG, THE HOUSE OF BALESTROM and TIME OF THE SEASON. Crime fiction writer
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I like rough edges. #basicinstinct #sharonstone

Me at a party. #centerofattention #gonewiththewind #scarlettohara

What the Hell Magik. The DarkChilde has taken over. #limbo #uncannyxmen #broken #Phoenix

Got vol 1 and 2 of the new Uncanny X-Men. #xmen #uncannyxmen

I like the way this room is set up. It’s got a lounge feel and yet it’s a bedroom. #innovative

Happy Birthday, Claudette Colbert (September 13, 1903 - July 30, 1996)

Some women think if you don’t expect too much you won’t be let down. I always expect miracles. Sure, I’m let down. But they’re near miracles.

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Shameless or Orphan Black


lt’s like I was playing some kind of game, but the rules don’t make any sense to me. They’re being made up by all the wrong people. I mean no one makes them up. They seem to make themselves up.


The Uncertainty Principle. It proves we can’t ever really know… what’s going on. So it shouldn’t bother you. Not being able to figure anything out.

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